Controllers and Mixers

We have developed a number of premium audio components to complement our range of amplifiers. This includes products such as mixers and controllers for signal processing, which are crucial for applications such as multi-zone public address systems.
Digitale system controllers and modular mixers for signal processing.
Our ML 203 multi-band limiter is a sophisticated volume limiting solution. Thanks to its multi-channel, aurally compensated limiter, this device delivers almost inaudible signal limiting even with excessive input levels.
Multi-zone system in listed historical buildings.
The modular mixer system MX 6 with extended modules was designed for multi-zone sonication for example in gastronomy.

DSC 404

The DSC 404 is a digital system controller with four analog inputs and four analog outputs, interfaces: USB, Ethernet, 19" cabinet.

DSC 206

The DSC 206 is a digital system controller with two analog inputs and six analog outputs as well as a AES EBU stereo input, interfaces: USB, Ethernet, 19" cabinet.

DSC 808

The DSC 808 is a digital system controller with eight analog inputs and eight analog outputs, interfaces: USB, Ethernet, Cabinet 19".

MX 6

The MX 6 is a modular, 1 U rack mixer that can be combined with the ZM 2 and Z-MIX 6 zone modules in conjunction with our PA series of power amplifiers to create a multi-zone sound system with up to 24 zones. In the basic version, the MX 6 is a line mixer with six stereo-line inputs, two separately adjustable mono outputs and one zone-link output (RJ 45), which provides six input channels for further ZM-2 zone modules or Z-MIX 6 zone mixers.


Four-channel microphone preamplifier module for MX 6 with symmetrical, low noise XLR inputs

ZM 2

Zone module for two-zone signal source switching and volume control (in combination with PA series power amplifiers).


Expansion module for the MX 6 (remote control six-channel mixer for each zone). Symmetrical XLR output; the operating panel is connected via pluggable screw-type terminals.

ML 3

Two-channel VCA module, stand-alone application, can be installed in an MX 6 cabinet or an MX-C 1U module cabinet. Controlled via a WP-V / RP-V controller or a DV module.


2-channel VCA module, stand alone application, installation in MX 6 cabinet or MX-C 1U module cabinet. Drive via WP-V-/RP-V-control or via DV module.