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MX 6
Mixer / Controller

Special features
  • Modular 6-channel mixer

  • Extension module with 4 microphone inputs (MIC-4)

  • Extension modules ZM-2 for volume and signal source change-over in 2 zones each (in combination with power amplifiers of the PA series)

  • Extension modules Z-MIX 6 as 6-channel mixer in one zone each

  • Extension module ML-3 (multiband limiter) for aurally compensated volume limitation

  • Wall panels for control and connector in the zones (WP series)

  • Rack panels for control and connectors in the zones (RP series)


The MX 6 is a modular, 1 U rack mixer that can be combined with the ZM 2 and Z-MIX 6 zone modules in conjunction with our PA series of power amplifiers to create a multi-zone sound system with up to 24 zones. In the basic version, the MX 6 is a line mixer with six stereo-line inputs, two separately adjustable mono outputs and one zone-link output (RJ 45), which provides six input channels for further ZM-2 zone modules or Z-MIX 6 zone mixers.

Level, bass and treble can be controlled separately for each channel. The main mix controls are used to mix the signal for the two outputs. An extension module can be attached to the rear of the MX 6. If additional modules are required, MX-C 1 U module cabinets can be used to expand the mixer. The MIC 4 four-channel microphone pre-amplifier module, the ZM 2 zone module (for volume and signal source selection in two zones), and the Z-MIX 6 six-channel zone mixer are available for this.

The extension modules are connected using the RJ 45 patch cables supplied. The WP series wall panels are used for zone control (WP-V for volume + mute, WP-VP for volume + mute + selecting signal sources, and WP-MIX 6 as a six-channel mixer). Connector panels with XLR or cinch sockets are also available. The same functions can be implemented in the rack using RP-series rack panels. CAT cables are used to connect the operator and connector panels.

Technical data
Inputs 6 × stereo-line, cinch
Input impedance 20 kOhms
Input sensitivity 0 dB (0,775V)
Outputs 2 × XLR, symmetric
Output level + 4 dB (max. + 26 dB)
Bass/Treble control +/- 12 dB bei 100 Hz/10 kHz
Gain control - 80 – + 10 dB
Main-out control - 80 – + 10 dB
Frequency range 20 Hz – 30 kHz (-3 dB)
Distortion factor < 0,03 % (1 kHz, + 4 dBU)
Dynamic range 105 dB (output + 20 dBU)
Input link RJ 45 8-pin
Zone link RJ 45 8-pin
Power supply External plug-switch power supply 15 V DC
(W × H × D)
483 × 44 × 150 mm (1U)
Cabinet 19", 1U, installation depth 150 mm,
slot for extension module at the rear
Weight 1.9 kg
Warrenty 5 years
Data sheet (PDF)


Stereo-cinch input for wall panel and rack panel


2 × XLR female input for wall panel and rack panel


2 × XLR male input for wall panel and rack panel

Add-on modules
MX-6 Add-on
MIC 4 4-Kanal Mikrofon-Vorverstärkermodul
Eingänge 4 × XLR symmetrisch
Eingangsempfindlichkeit -50dBU
Eingangsimpedanz 1,5 kOhm
Phantomspannung 12 V schaltbar,
Low cut 80 Hz, Groundlift schaltbar,
PAD 20 dB je Kanal schaltbar
ZM 2 Zonenmodul für 2 Zonen Signalquellen- Umschaltung und Lautstärke-Regelung
WP-VP-1 Wall-Panel für ZM 2 (Einbau in UP-Dose)
RP-VP-1 Rack-Panel für ZM 2 (Einbau in 19"-Rackblende MX-P)
Z-MIX 6 6-Kanal-VCA-Mixer für eine Zone
WP-MIX 6 Wall-Panel für Z-MIX 6 Einbau in UP-Dose)
RP-MIX 6 Rack-Panel für Z-MIX 6
(Einbau in 19"-Rackblende MX-P)
ML 3 Multiband Limiter-Modul zur Lautstärkebegrenzung
VCA 2 2 -Kanal- VCA-Modul zur unabhängigen Lautstärkeregelung; Steuerung mit WP-V oder RP-V
WP-V Wall-Panel (Lautstärke + Mute)
RP-V Rack-Panel (Lautstärke + Mute)
DV-Modul Digitale Lautstärkeeinstellung über UP/Down-Kontakte
MX-C 1U 19"-Gehäuse 1 HE für 2 Erweiterungsmodule
RP-1U 19"-Rack-Blende 1 HE für Einbau von 6 Rack-Panels
WP-CINCH Wall-Panel 2 × Cinch stereo
(Einbau in UP-Dose)
RP-CINCH Rack-Panel 2 × Cinch stereo
(Einbau in 19"-Rack-Panel MX-P)
WP-XLR-F Wall-Panel 2 × XLR Female
(Einbau in UP-Dose)
RP-XLR-F Rack-Panel 2 × XLR Female
(Einbau in 19"-Rack-Panel MX-P)
WP-XLR-M Wall-Panel 2 × XLR Male
(Einbau in UP-Dose)
RP-XLR-M Rack-Panel 2 × XLR Male
(Einbau in 19"-Rack-Panel MX-P)