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SB-A 2.0 CAM / SB-A 2.0 CAM+

Active Soundbars with Integrated Camera or with Camera + Microphone-Array

Key Features
  • Active stereo soundbar with integrated camera

  • Very linear frequency range

  • Optimized speech inteligibillity

  • Integrated DSP with multiband limiters

  • Power 2 × 50 watts

  • Automatic switch-on

  • Switchable Ground-Lift
  • Customized versions on measure for display widths from 960 up to 2000 mm

  • VESA mounts for display heights up to 100 inches

Fields of Application
  • Huddle rooms
  • Video conferences
  • Conference rooms

The active stereo soundbars SB-A 2.0 CAM provide an integrated camera and are specially designed to deliver outstanding picture and sound quality in small conference spaces and huddle rooms. The SB-A 2.0 CAM+ models are plug-and-play solutions with an integrated high-quality camera and microphone array (Huddly IQ). The SB-A 2.0 CAM soundbar go into action in larger spaces where individual table microphones are used, as there is no microphone integrated (Huddly GO). A flush-mounted waveguide is integrated in the soundbar cabinet to ensure optimum speech inteligibillity and microphone array directivity during voice transmission. The active soundbars off er outstanding amplifier power (2 × 50 watts) and are equipped with a digital signal processor and multiband limiters for perfect sound reproduction.

Customized Versions On Measure
Alongside the standard 960-mm-wide SB-A 2.0 CAM model, we also off er customized versions with widths ranging from 960 mm to 2,000 mm – ensuring you get the perfect fit for your display to create an elegant, harmonized display and speaker unit.

Use our SB-VESA brackets for direct mounting on displays. These can be used on displays measuring from approx. 40 to 100 inches. Alternatively, you can use our WH 80 brackets to attach the speakers directly to the wall or to a wall panel for flush mounting (brackets must be ordered separately).

Technical Data

Active stereo soundbar with integrated camera or camera + microphone-array


2 × 2.5" full-range drivers + 2 × 2.5" woofers + 3 × 2.5" passive radiators (as of 1200 mm 4 × 2,5" passive radiators)

Frequency range
55 Hz – 20 kHz
Amplifier output
2 × 50 watts

max. 109 dB (1W/1m)

Nominal dispersion
Power supply
Extern power supply 24 VDC
Dimensions (W × H × D)

960 × 80 × 48 mm, depth of camera (middle of cabinet) 70 mm

5 kg
Fastening points
Threaded inserts 4 × M 6 at rear
Aluminium, front precisions steel grille, powder-coated
Camera: USB 3.0 (type C) incl. cabel (model CAM: 0.6 m cable; model CAM+ : 1.15 m cable), input cinch stereo, pluggable system terminals to connect extern power supply, input cable mini jack 3.5 mm to cinch, 1.5 m
Mains connection
90 – 240 VAC
Input sensitivity

-6 dBU for full modulation, input-impedance 4.7 kohms

Operational controls
At rear: Volume control, LED On/Limit, switchable Ground-Lift
5 years
Datasheet (PDF)

SB-A 2.0 CAM

Standard version

with integrated camera (Huddly GO), width 960 mm, black

Customized versions

SB-A 2.0-1200 CAM


SB-A 2.0-1600 CAM


SB-A 2.0-2000 CAM

Widht on measure

960 – 1200 mm


1200 – 1600 mm


1600 – 2000 mm

SB-A 2.0 CAM+

Standard version

with integrated camera + microphone array (Huddly IQ), width 960 mm

Customized versions

SB-A 2.0-1200 CAM+


SB-A 2.0-1600 CAM+


SB-A 2.0-2000 CAM+

Widht on measure

960 – 1200 mm


1200 – 1600 mm


1600 – 2000 mm

Other colours and models on request

VESA mount



For alignment to various displays from 40" – 100"

WH 80

Adjustable wall-mount for a wall distance from 35 – 110 mm, pair