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DE Plan 600

Invisible Speaker

Key Features
  • Very linear frequency range

  • 180° nominal dispersion

  • Invisible flat transducer

  • 4 × 4" woofers + 1" high frequency driver

  • Excellent low frequency sound

  • 320 watts power capacity

Fields of Application
  • Gastronomy, hotels
  • Home audio
  • Surround systems
  • Sales rooms

The DE Plan 600® is a high-end flat transducer which, once installed, remains completely invisible in walls or ceilings. The patented design concept of the DE Plan series means the large flat membrane is homogeneously deflected in the bass range. This produces an excellent low frequency sound with a low cut-off frequency.

de:shape®: the membrane of the DE Plan 600 has an optimized contour with a calculated distribution of distance between the edge and the high frequency driver (patent pending). This results in unprecedented audio performance and extremely accurate sound reproduction.

Sophisticated crossover tuning means the DE Plan 600 2-way system delivers clear music and speech reproduction. Additional subwoofers are not required. The DE Plan 600 is mainly intended as a front speaker in home audio systems or media rooms.

The DE Plan 600 ST is mounted from the front in hollow non-concrete walls and ceilings. It can also be installed in solid walls and concrete ceilings using an EGB Plan 600 back box. First, the speaker is mounted, then the glass fiber lining included with the package is placed around the membrane and the area can then be plastered and painted.

DE Plan Installation Videos with or without a back box on Youtube

Technical Data

2-way flat transducer


4 × 4" woofers + 1" high frequency driver

Frequency range
42 Hz – 20 kHz (2 × paint-coated)
8 Ohm
Power capacity
160 watts RMS, 320 watts program

83 dB (1 W @1 m) half-space (flush-mounted)

Maximum SPL

108 dB @ 1 m

Dispersion angle (H × V)
180° conical (- 6 dB)

620 × 300 × 72 mm

incl. mounting feets: 626 × 370 mm

Cutout size

624 × 304 mm

Wall / ceiling thickness
10 – 35 mm (incl. back box)
Installation depth
72 mm
5.5 kg
Screw-type terminals, pluggable
5 years
Datasheet (PDF)

DE Plan 600

Complete incl. assembly frame, glass fiber fabric and adhesive


EG Plan 600

Back box

Dim. 700 × 480 × 120 mm

EGB Plan 600

Back box for concrete

Dim. 700 × 480 × 148 mm (incl. PVC rigid foam)

Spare parts

MR 600

Assembly frame