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DE Plan 600 AlArray

Invisible Line Array Speaker

Key Features
  • Excellent low frequency response

  • 4 × 4" woofers + 8 × 1" high frequency drivers

  • 4 × 80 watts power capacity

  • Vertical radiation adjustable via controller

  • 180° nominal dispersion

  • Invisible 4-channel line array

Fields of Application
  • Gastronomy, hotels
  • Home audio
  • Large rooms, halls
  • Surround systems

The DE Plan 600 AlArray® is an invisible, passive, 4-channel line array module designed to be installed in walls and ceilings. The vertical dispersion direction of the DE Plan 600 AlArray can be individually set using our DSC series system controllers and PA series power amplifiers.

de:shape®: the membrane of the DE Plan 600 AlArray has an optimized contour with a calculated distribution of distance between the edge and the high frequency driver (patent pending). This results in unprecedented audio performance and extremely accurate sound reproduction.

The DE Plan 600 AlArray can be installed as a front speaker (l, r, center) in ceilings or the upper sections of walls and directed towards listeners. In large rooms with long reverberation times, several modules can be combined to create longer linear arrays. Each of the individual channels of the DE Plan 600 AlArray is designed as a 2-way system with a 4" woofer and two high-frequency drivers.

The DE Plan 600 AlArray is mounted facing outwards in hollow non-concrete walls and ceilings. It can also be installed in solid walls and concrete ceilings using an EGB Plan 600 back box. First, the speaker is mounted, then the glass fiber lining included with the package is placed around the membrane and the area can then be plastered and painted.

DE Plan Installation Videos with or without a back box on Youtube

DSC Control
DSC Control is the professional controller software for our active speakers, system controllers and controller amplifiers. The radiation characteristic and the frequency range of the DE Plan ­AlArray modules can be configured with parametrical filters and delays.

Interface: Ethernet, USB / operating system: Windows, Mac OS

As accessorie we recommend our controller-amplifier PA 8100 DSC. 8-channel controller-amplifier with 8 × 100 watts output power to operate 2 to 4 DE Plan 600 ­AlArray modules.

Technical Data

4-channel 2-way flat transducer


4 × 4" woofers + 8 × 1" high frequency drivers

Frequency range
40 Hz – 20 kHz (with controller) (2 × paint-coated)
4 × 8 ohms
Power capacity
4 × 40 watts RMS, 4 × 80 watts programm

86 dB (1 W@ 1 m), half-space (flush-mounted)

Maximum SPL

110 dB @ 1 m

Nominal dispersion
180° horizontal, vertical adjustable via controller

620 × 300 × 72 mm

incl. mounting feets: 626 × 370 mm

Cutout size

624 × 304 mm

Wall / ceiling thickness
10 – 35 mm (incl. back box)
Installation depth
72 mm
6.3 kg
Screw-type terminals, pluggable
5 years
Datasheet (PDF)
additional download

DE Plan 600 AlArray

Complete incl. assembly frame, glass fiber fabric and adhesive


PA 8100 DSC

8-channel controller-amplifier

8 × 100 watts output power

EG Plan 600

Back box

Dim. 700 × 480 × 120 mm

EGB Plan 600

Back box for concrete

Dim. 700 × 480 × 148 mm (incl. PVC rigid foam)

MR 600

Assembly frame – spare part