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DE Plan 200 ST inside

Stereo Speaker for Invisible Integration into Furniture and Wall Panels


Key Features
  • Invisible stereo flat transducer

  • 180° nominal dispersion

  • Very linear frequency range

  • Small mounting dimension: (300 × 240 mm)

  • 6“ woofers + 2 × 1” high frequency drivers

  • 2 × 60 watts power capacity, 2 × 8 ohms

Fields of Application
  • Exhibitions, trade fairs
  • Gastronomy, hotels
  • Home audio
  • Museums
  • Surround systems
  • Sales rooms

The DE Plan 200 ST inside® is a special version of DE Plan 200 ST designed to be invisibly installed in furniture and wall panels. The speaker is glued onto the backside of furniture or panels made of wood, MDF or similar materials and directly excites through these surfaces. To do this, the recessed mounting area is milled into the rear surface to a wall thickness of 3 mm. The surface is activated without an intermediate membrane, which makes DE Plan 200 ST inside extremely efficient and gives it an extensive, linear frequency range.

de:shape: the membrane of the DE Plan 200 ST inside has an optimized contour with a calculated distribution of distance between the edge and the high frequency driver (patent pending). This results in unprecedented audio performance and extremely accurate sound reproduction.

The elaborately tuned crossover ensures a warm, transparent acoustic pattern. The DE Plan 200 ST is ideally suited to small rooms or zones where only one speaker is required. A wide dispersion angle of 180° ensures that sound is distributed homogenously throughout the room.

The reproduction characteristics depend very much on the material in which the speakers are installed and the acoustics of each room. As a result, our system controllers, DSP power amplifiers or at least a multiband equalizer should always be used to achieve the best sound pattern.

Technical Data

2-way stereo flat transducer


6” woofers + 2 × 1” high frequency drivers

Frequency range
90 Hz – 20 kHz (mounted on a MDF panel with 3 mm thickness in front of the transducer)
2 × 8 Ohm
Power capacity
2 × 30 watts RMS, 2 × 60 watts program

81 dB (1 W @ 1 m), depending on the mounting materials

Maximum SPL

99 dB @ 1 m

Nominal dispersion
Installation depth
72 mm
Recess size
304 × 244 mm, remaining wall thickness in front of the speaker: 3 mm
2.7 kg
Screw-type terminals, pluggable
5 years

DE Plan 200 ST inside

Order No.: 0414-0001

Complete with 2C adhesive


EG Plan 200

Order No.: 2301-0001

Einbaugehäuse Kunststoff Abm. 400 × 350 × 100 mm