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DL-A 2.4 DSC AlArray

Active Stereo Display Speaker Pair with Beam Steering


Key Features
  • Active stereo 2-way speaker pair with adjustable beam steering

  • Easy select the verticale beam direction via presets

  • Very linear frequency range

  • Optimized speech intelligibility

  • Integrated subwoofer

  • 2 × 500 watts power capacity

  • Automatic switch-on
  • Customized versions with height on measure
    from 1080 up to 2350 mm

  • VESA mounts for display widths up to 2400 mm

Fields of Application
  • Exhibitions, trade fairs
  • Gastronomy
  • Conference rooms
  • Presentations
  • Stand-alone solutions
  • Sales rooms

The DL-A 2.4 DSC AlArray is a pair of high-end display speakers with an adjustable vertical dispersion direction for installation on large-format LCD split walls and LED video walls. Depending on the installation height of the speakers, the sound dispersion can be adjusted to the required listening area. Interference caused by sound reflections in indoor spaces is largely avoided.
Using DSC Control software, the vertical dispersion direction can be selected and saved in 3° increments within a range of -30° to +30°. The 3-way active Speakers have a total amplifier power of 2 × 500 watts and are designed for natural reproduction of music and speech at high volume in large indoor spaces.
The electronically controlled array with 4 × 1“ high frequency drivers and 4 × 2,5“ mid-range chassis ensures a constant dispersion direction of 140° × 40° (H × V) independent from the beam direction. The integrated subwoofers give DL-A 2.4 DSC AlArrays an extended frequency range with powerful low-frequency sound. For the specific requirements of bass response or high volume we recommend our subwoofers, e. g. SUB 40, SUB 80, B 12 B or B 212 B.

Use our DL-VESA brackets for direct display mounting. Alternatively you can use numerous attachment points are provided at the rear to facilitate mounting on a wall or on LED video walls.

Technical Data

Active DSP-Multichannel line array pair with adjustable vertical beam direction  setting by using our DSC Control software. Left speaker with amplifier mudule, speaker passive right side


4 × 1“ high-frequency line array + 4 × 2.5“ midrange array + 8 × 2.5“ woofers. Additional 8 × 2.5“ passive radiators at a height over 2000 mm (per side).

Frequency range
48 Hz – 20 kHz
Amplifier output
2 × 500 watts

max. 118 dB (1W/1m)

Nominal dispersion
140° × 40° (H × V), vertical adjustable via our Control software
Power supply
Extern power supply 24 VDC, 280 VA (per side)
Dimensions (W × H × D)

80 × 1080 × 103 mm  (per speaker)

14 kg (pair) kg
Fastening points
Threaded inserts 8 –12 × M 8 at back (per speaker)
Aluminium, front precision steel grille, powder coated
(per side) Symmetrical stereo input, stereo cinch input, RJ 45 Ethernet, ­pluggable screwtype terminals to passive speaker and extern power supply, input minijack 3.5 mm to chinch, 1.5m
Mains connection
90 – 240 VAC
Input sensitivity

+4 dB sym., -6 dBU cinch, input impedance 10 kOhm

Operational controls
At rear: LED Sleep/On, DIP-switch for Ground Lift and different Automatic-On modes; Automatic switch-on: Switch-Off with approx. 5 min. delay
5 years

DL-A 2.4 DSC AlArray

Standard version, 1080 mm height, RAL 9005, pair

Customized versions

Display height

DL-A 2.4-1600


DL-A 2.4-2000


DL-A 2.4-2350


Height on measure

1080 – 1600 mm


1600 – 2000 mm


2000 – 2350 mm


VESA mounts

DL-VESA 2150


DL-VESA 2400


Display width

1900 – 2150 mm


2150 – 2400 mm

Wall mounts

SH 50


Pivotable (two peaces required per speaker pair)


WH 80

Adjustable to a distance of 35 to 110 mm from the wall, pair (two pairs required per speaker)