Sound system with invisible speakers

Stachus, Munich
Directional speakers for voice alarm system

ID3D, Exhibition Design, Berlin
Active directional speakers with motion sensors

Crowns Club, Munich
48-channel PA system

Tbilisi Business Center, Tiflis, Georgia
Invisible 192-channel sound system

Schattdecor, Rosenheim
Sound system with beam steering line arrays

3M GTG, Meta-Twist Tower, Airport Munich
Sound system with beam steering line arrays

The Seven, Private Loft , Munich
Sound system with S 2 arrays

Cavos, Stuttgart
PA system, bar and club

Residenz, Munich
Various sound systems

Deutsche Telekom AG, Hannover
Ernst-Winter-Saal, Beschallung mit Line Arrays

Fünf Höfe, Munich
Customized speakers for shopping mall

Koi Restaurant, Munich
PA system, bar and restaurant

Nymphenburger Schools Sports Hall, Munich
Sound system with beam steering in-wall line arrays

Historical Roadshow „Timetravel – 100 years of german History", Germany
8-channel media sound


lb Products for Sophisticated Acoustic Sound Concepts – Innovation Made in Germany

For over 30 years now, our passion has been to build speakers and the smart amplifier systems that dovetail to perfection. The different components are designed as module systems and can be combined to deliver outstanding acoustics in perfect harmony with any room’s architecture.