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Installation Loudspeakers

Our sophisticated hifi and installation speakers are ideal components for surround systems, multi-room systems, AV installations and speech amplification. With an elegant design and outstanding sound properties, these devices are the perfect fit for home audio set-ups and professional systems.

Palazzo Gritti, Venezia

Multi-zone systems with S 2
and invisible subwoofers.

Bandpass Subwoofer

Elegant passive and active subwoofer
models for surround systems and multi-room
The Seven, Munich, private loft

Our hifi and installation speakers harmonize visually and acoustically with our trimless and invisible built-in speakers, for example, in individual surround systems.

Audiophile loudspeaker series for home audio and professional use. The various models are ideal modules for surround systems, multi-room systems, audio-visual installations and voice announcements. Thanks to the extensive mounting accessories the speakers can be perfectly integrated into the room.