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Display Speakers and Soundbars

Our display speakers and soundbars are designed for video conferences and high-quality sound reproduction in media spaces. The active stereo systems are equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP) and multiband limiters. They offer a broad frequency spectrum and reproduce speech with high intelligibility.

Flyer Soundbar CAM(+)  |  Flyer Display Series  | Display Series Operation Manual

DL-A 2.4 DSC AlArray Operation Manual

DL-A 2.4 DSC AlArray
The vertical beam direction of the DSP-controlled line arrays is set by entering the angle in our LB AUDIO CONTROL Software. Now also with DANTE.

Conference room with displays and active speakers for flexible utilisation.

Customized soundbars 960 to 2350 mm width.
Customized display speakers 700 to 4000 height.

LED wall with active 8-channel display speakers for beam steering (customized version).

Display Speakers and Soundbars