DE-X Series

Trimless In-Ceiling Speakers
Our trimless in-wall / in-ceiling speakers from the DE-X Series are high-end speakers for flush-mounting in ceilings and walls. They were specially developed for employment in home-audio applications and in professional sound systems with strictest requirements on sound characteristics and high fidelity reproduction.

DE-X Brochure

Installation Video DE-X Series

The patented coaxial drivers feature Polar®technology to deliver perfect omnidirectional beam formation (180°).
Special version of DE-X speakers with a shadow gap and matching fittings for cameras and smoke alarms.

The DE X 300 FR transmits a targeted
sound beam at an angle from the ceiling

DE-X speakers can be quickly and securely installed in hollow ceiling and wall structures. Our EG-X series of back boxes can be used to reduce sound transmissions to adjacent rooms. We also recommend using back boxes if you are installing devices in acoustic ceilings, solid walls or furniture. The plastic back boxes in our EGB-X series should be used to integrate speakers into concrete ceilings.
Polar Speakers
These zero-compromises 2-way built-in speakers feature patented Polar technology and deliver extremely broad and even sound dispersion (180°) for all frequencies up to 5 kHz. Polar built-in speakers can be used to evenly fill rooms with sound using far fewer systems and larger distances between speakers.

DE-X 140 Polar / DE-X 140 Q Polar

Trimless Polar in-ceiling speaker with very small dimensions for flush mounting in walls and ceilings.
The models DE-X 200 CD and DE-X 300 CDR are heavy-duty speakers for in-wall installation with a defined dispersion of 80°. They are employed as front speakers (L, R, center) for home-audio systems and media rooms. A tweeter waveguide with CD (Constant Directivity) characteristics ensures controlled sound radiation.

DE-X 200 CD / DE-X 200 CDQ

Trimless, high-end, in-ceiling speaker with a defined nominal dispersion of 80° for wall installation.