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Line Array Speakers

Modular line arrays with excellent sound characteristics and a wide frequency
range for speech and music reproduction. The various models with fixed or electronically adjustable directivity (beam steering) can be individually operated
or combined in multi-part line arrays.


New are the active DSP-controlled Line Arrays ZL 200 A-DSC and ZL 250 A-DSC.



„Zeitreise im Container” Berlin

8-channel multimedia installation

The 2.5-inch, long excursion full-range speakers in the ZL series feature a neodymium motor and phase plugs. They have an exceptionally wide frequency range and a wide horizontal dispersion.
Active, DSP-controlled line arrays with adjustable vertical directional characteristics and a long throw ensure even acoustic irradiation across large rooms. The sound dispersion characteristics can be set using our DSC Control software.

The active and passive multichannel line arrays in our ZL series have adjustable, vertical directional characteristics (beam steering) and are ideal for ensuring even acoustic irradiation across large rooms. They reproduce speech and music to outstanding quality levels.

The slim line-array speakers of the ZL series have a very wide frequency range and are suitable not only for speech, but also for music reproduction in high quality. The various models with the AlArray technology have different dispersion angles and are deployed according to the room situation in each case.