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Browser-based app for configuring and controlling our amplifiers and active speakers with digital signal processors (DSPs). All LB devices detected on the network can be configured using the LB AUDIO CONTROL app. All devices can be controlled using network commands, for example via media controls. Depending on the device type, the appropriate user interface appears.

For amplifiers from the PA-S Series and the PA Series, in addition to a mixer matrix, ten fully parametric filters, high-pass and low-pass filters, delay, compressor and limiter are available for each input and output .

The active loudspeakers DL-A 2.4 DSC AlArray and DLX-A 2.8 DSC AlArray as well as the ZL-A Series have the same signal processing implemented for the inputs, and the beam direction can also be adjusted (beam steering).

We are happy to create project-related presets upon request.

Interface: Ethernet

Download Software     LB AUDIO CONTROL Installation Instruction

PA-S Series Compact Amplifiers with 4x2 DSP Matrix
2-channel amplifiers with two analog and two digital inputs (SPDIF or DANTE)

to the PA-S Series Compact Amplifiers


Audio Control PA-S Series Kompakt-Verstärker

PA Series 19“ Multi-Channel Amplifiers with 8x8 DSP Matrix
2-8 channel amplifiers with analog and/or digital inputs (DANTE)

to the PA Series 19“ Multi-Channel Amplifiers


Audio Control PA Series 19“ Mehrkanal-Verstärker

DL-A 2.4 DSC Display Speaker Pair with adjustable beam direction
Switchable inputs (analog, SPDIF and optional DANTE)

to the DL-A 2.4 Display Speakers Pair


Audio Control DL-A 2.4 Display-Lautsprecherpaar

DLX-A 2.8 DSC Speaker Pair for large displays with adjustable beam direction
Switchable inputs (analog and optional DANTE)

to the DLX-A 2.8 Speaker Pair


Audio Control DLX-A 2.8 Lautsprecherpaar

ZL 200 A-DSC AlArray and ZL 250 A-DSC AlArray Line-Arrays
with adjustable beam direction

to the ZL Line-Arrays


Audio Control ZL Line-Arrays