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PA 2100
19" Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Special features
  • 2-channel digital amplifier

  • Three models with different Input modules:
    PA 2100 with 2 × line IN symmetrical
    PA 2100 CINCH with 2 × line IN cinch asymmetrical
    PA 2100 DANTE with Dante interface

  • 2 × 100 watts / 1 × 200 watts output power at 2 – 8 ohms

  • Second slot for additional input module

  • VCA inputs per channel

  • Switchable Automatic On/Off per channel

  • On/Off- and Fault contact

  • Switchable input sensitivity +4/-6 dBU per channel

  • Silent running regulated fans

  • Switchable Ground Lift per input channel pair

  • 1U chassis, installation depth only 348 mm

  • Optional:
    2×IN-SYM input module 2 × line IN symmetrical
    2×IN-CINCH input module 2 × line IN asymmetrical
    DANTE 8×8 input modul with 8-channel Dante interface
    • 100 V transformer
    • Volume control (wall-panel WP-V or rack-panel RP-V)
    • DV module for volume control via Up/Down contacts

Fields of application
  • Home audio
  • Media rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Shops, sales rooms
  • Gastronomy
  • Clubs, discotheques
  • Concert halls, theatres
  • Churches

The PA 2100 is a sophisticated, class-D multi-channel power amplifier with two channels and two sockets for different input modules. The three different models in this series are equipped with symmetrical line inputs, asymmetrical cinch inputs or an 8-channel Dante module, and can be expanded by adding a second input module. By combining two input modules, the power amplifier can be operated as a central amplifier unit with a mix of analog and digital signal sources. Ground Lift switch for each input channel pair plus dip switches for modifying input sensitivity on each channel enable the amplifier to be easily adjusted to different signal sources.

The PA 2100 circuits are designed to ensure outstanding sound quality and safety levels with minimum heat build-up. The generously proportioned, high-capacity mains adapter together with our new processor-controlled class-D power amplifier modules guarantee outstanding efficiency levels and enormous power reserves. The Automatic On/Off function (switchable for each channel) automatically switches inactive amplifier channels to an energy-saving Sleep mode. The power amplifier has an output rating of 2 × 100 watts at 2-8 ohms or 1 × 200 watts at 4 -16 ohms in bridge mode.

The front features LED for On/Standby, LEDs per each channel for Protect, Limit, Signal, Sleep and LED Bridge per each channel pair as well as gain controllers for each channel. To enable remote control, the amplifiers are equipped with an On/Off contact and VCA inputs with separate channels for external volume control. All outputs can be controlled independently or in groups using our WP-V and RP-V volume controllers or the DV module via Up/Down contacts. Any fault in the power amplifier channels is signaled via the isolated fault contact.

Technical data
Inputs 2 × Line IN sym. / 2 × Line IN cinch asym. / Dante (depending on the model)
Nom. input/
output level
+4/-6 dBU, switchable
Max. input /
output level
+ 22 dBU
Input impedance 20 kohms
Load impedance ≥ 2 ohms / bridge ≥ 4 ohms
Outputs 2 × Speaker OUT up to 2 × 4 mm²
(screwtype terminals, pluggable)
Output power
2 ohms
4 ohms
8 ohms

2 × 100 watts
2 × 100 watts
2 × 100 watts
1 × 200 watts (4 - 16 ohms)
Frequency range 15 Hz – 20 kHz
Dynamic range > 100 dB
Displays LED for ON / STANDBY; LEDs per channel for PROTECT, LIMIT, SIGNAL, SLEEP; LED BRIDGE per each channel pair
Controls Gain control and power switch at front. Dip switches AUTO ON/STEADY ON and SENSITIVITY +4/-6 dBU per channel and Dip switches PARALLEL and BRIDGE for each channel pair at back
Additional connectors VCA inputs 0 -10 V for each channel (also for DV modules), floating Fault contact (N/O), Standby contact (N/O or N/C)
Cooling Silent running regulated fans, air flow from front to back
Protective circuits Inrush current limiter, peak limiter, current limiter and power limiter for each speaker output, short circuit and multilevel overtemperature protection for all internal channels
Power supply 230 VAC
Mains connector IEC connector
All channels SLEEP
All channels active
1/8 Nom. power
Max. power-
Peak power

0.5 watts
4 watts

7 watts

36 watts

70 watts

320 watts
(W × H × D)
19", 1U,
483 × 44 × 348 mm
Weight 6.5 kg
Warrenty 5 years
Data sheet (PDF)


2-channel input module for the PA series / PA DSC series with symmetrical line inputs. The module features GROUND LIFT dip switches for each channel pair.


2-channel input module for the PA series / PA DSC series with asymmetrical cinch inputs. The module features GROUND LIFT dip switches for each channel pair.


8-channel Dante input module for the PA series / PA DSC series. The Dante interface features two RJ45 terminals for audio over Ethernet (primary/secondary).






DV Module







PA-T 100



Wall panel volume control. Regulation + ON/MUTE via VCA, for surface boxes

Rack panel volume control. Regulation + ON/MUTE via VCA, for 19" rack mount RP-1U

19" rack mount, 1U,
for 6 × RP panels

Digital volume control
Regulation with dual push buttons (UP/DOWN contacts) via VCA inputs


100 V transformer module,
100 watts, toroidal core

19" rack cradle, 1U,
for 4 × PA-T 100