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DE-X 300 FR

Trimmless In-Ceiling Speaker

Key Features
  • Very unobtrusive appearance
    (only the flush-mounted front grille is visible)

  • 3-way in-ceiling front speaker

  • Beam direction: -35° downwards

  • 80° dispersion

  • High speech intelligibility

  • 5.25" woofer + 5.25" low-mid woofer + 1" tweeter waveguide with de:shape

  • Very linear frequency response

  • 160 watts power capacity, 4 ohms

  • Very linear frequency response

  • Small dimensions and installation depth

  • Moisture proof

Fields of Application
  • Gastronomy, hotels
  • Home audio
  • Conference rooms
  • Media rooms
  • Surround systems
  • Sales rooms

Trimless, in-ceiling speaker with a 35° downwards-facing beam direction. The DE-X 300 FR is a front speaker (l, r, centre) that has been specially designed to not obstruct the line of sight of viewers or the screen in home audio systems and media rooms. The speaker features an angled 5.25" low-mid woofer driver with a 1" tweeter with waveguide and de:shape coaxially aligned in front of it and a second 5.25" low-mid woofer driver in the box. This gives the DE-X 300 FR a main directional axis of 35° on the vertical plane. Thanks to its precise balance and defined dispersion angle of 80°, the DE-X 300 FR has a natural sound pattern, even at high levels, and can reproduce speech very clearly even in rooms with long reverberation times.

The DE-X 300 FR comprises three parts (assembly frame, speaker insert with internal crossover and front grille) and is installed from the front through the installation opening.

Technical Data

3-way in-ceiling front speaker with internal crossover


5.25" woofer + 5.25" low-mid woofer + 1" tweeter waveguide with de:shape

Frequency range
57 Hz – 21 kHz
4 Ohm
Power capacity
80 watts RMS, 160 watts program

87 dB SPL (1 W @ 1 m),
half-space (flush-mounted)

Maximum SPL

109 dB @ 1 m

Nominal dispersion
80°, beam direction -35°
Front grille

Precision steel grille with magnetic fastening, adjustable for flush-mounting

Dimensions of front grille

336 × 170 mm

Cutout size

342 × 176 mm

Wall / ceiling thickness
6 – 30 mm
Installation depth
150 mm
4.2 kg
Screw-type terminals, pluggable
5 years
Datasheet (PDF)

DE-X 300 FR White

RAL 9016

Other colours and versions on request

EG-X 300 FR

Back box

Dim.: 500 × 350 × 180 mm

EGB-X 300 FR

Back box for concrete

Dim.: 500 × 350 × 208 mm (incl. PVC rigid foam)

DE-X Tool

Magnetic holder for effortless insertion and removal of DE-X grille