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SUB 20 A

Active Subwoofer

Key Features
  • Active bandpass subwoofer

  • Very compact design

  • 6.5" long excursion driver

  • 200 watts amplifier power

  • Cinch, XLR and speaker level inputs

  • Auto ON/OFF

  • Peak Limiter

  • Stand-by contact

  • VCA input

  • Standard finish: white and black

Fields of Application
  • Exhibitions, trade fairs
  • Gastronomy, hotels
  • Home audio
  • Conference rooms
  • Surround systems
  • Sales rooms

The SUB 20 A is an active, very compact subwoofer with 200 watts of amplifier power and professional features. It produces remarkable bass levels thanks to a high-power 6.5" long excursion driver in a double-vented bandpass cabinet. Thanks to its slim design, compact dimensions and defined sound outlets, it can be easily concealed in furniture and fittings.

The SUB 20 A has four different inputs (mono RCA, stereo RCA, balanced XLR and screw-type terminals for speaker signal ) as well as limiters, automatic switch-on, a continuously adjustable crossover frequency and ground lift switches.

For easy integration into larger installations, the SUB 20 A has the same remote control functions as our amplifiers in the PA series: a contact for remote ON/OFF and a VCA input for synchronous volume control. The connectors are recessed to ensure that the plugs and cables can be hidden from sight.

Technical Data

Active double vented bandpass subwoofer


6.5" long excursion driver

Amplifier section
Adjustable input sensitivity, switchable gain 0/+6 dB, peak limiter, steplessly adjustable crossover frequency 50 Hz – 150 Hz (36 dB/oct.), switchable phase 0°/180°. Subsonic filter 35 Hz, automatic switch-on circuit, cutoff with 5 min. delay, manual ON/OFF, ground lift switch, remote volume control via external panel (WP-V) or via DV module and UP/DOWN contacts, control voltage 0 – 15 V, 0 V = max., 10 V = -80 dB, 15 V = mute, stand-by contact (N/O)

Mono cinch, stereo cinch, balanced XLR, speaker level input with screw type terminals

Frequency range
38 Hz – 130 Hz
Amplifier output
200 watts
Maximum SPL

114 dB @ 1 m, half-space

Nominal dispersion
Power supply
230 V AC
Dimensions (W × H × D)

190 × 320 × 400 mm
(without rubber feet)

8 kg
Plywood, semi-matt varnish
Mains connection
IEC connector
Input sensitivity

Cinch 0 dBu/-6 dBu
XLR +4 dBu/-2 dBu
Speaker level 20 V eff./ 10 V eff.

5 years
Datasheet (PDF)
SUB 20 A White
Order No.: 1310-0003
RAL 9016
SUB 20 A Black
Order No.: 1310-0004
RAL 9005
Other colours and versions on request