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SUB 40 A

Active Subwoofer

Key Features
  • Active bandpass subwoofer

  • Compact design

  • 2 × 6.5" long excursion drivers

  • 400 watts amplifier power

  • Cinch, XLR and speaker level inputs

  • Auto ON/OFF

  • Peak Limiter

  • VCA input

  • Standard finish: white and black

Fields of Application
  • Clubs, discotheques
  • Gastronomy, hotels
  • Home audio
  • Conference rooms
  • Surround systems

The SUB 40 A is an active, compact subwoofer with 400 watts of amplifier power and professional features. It produces high bass levels thanks to two high-power 6.5" long excursion drivers in a double-vented bandpass cabinet. Its slim design allows it to be easily concealed in furniture and fittings.

The SUB 40 A has four different inputs (mono RCA, stereo RCA, symmetrical XLR and screw-type terminals for speaker level) as well as limiters, automatic switch-on, a continuously adjustable crossover frequency and ground lift switches. For easy integration into larger installations, the SUB 40 A has the same remote control functions as our amplifiers in the PA series: a contact for remote ON/OFF and a VCA input for synchronous volume control.

The connectors are recessed to ensure that the plugs and cables can be hidden from sight.

Technical Data

Active double vented bandpass subwoofer


2 × 6.5" long excursion drivers

Amplifier section
Adjustable input sensitivity, switchable gain 0/+ 6 dB, peak limiter, steplessly adjustable crossover frequency 50 Hz – 150 Hz (36 dB/oct.), switchable phase 0°/180°. Subsonic filter 35 Hz, automatic switch-on circuit, cutoff with 5 min. delay, manual ON/OFF, ground lift switch, remote volume control via external panel (WP-V) or via DV module and UP/DOWN contacts, control voltage 0 – 15 V, 0 V = max., 10 V = - 80 dB, 15 V = mute, stand-by contact (N/O)

Inputs L + R, Thru L + R XLR symmetric, + 4 dBu, max. level + 20 dBu

Frequency range
35 Hz – 130 Hz
Amplifier output
400 watts

max. 115 dB

Maximum SPL

118 dB @ 1 m, half-space

Nominal dispersion
Power supply
230 V AC
Dimensions (W × H × D)

250 × 400 × 500 mm

(without rubber feet)

14 kg
Plywood, semi-matt varnish
Mains connection
IEC connector
Input sensitivity


Cinch 0 dBu/- 6 dBu

XLR + 4 dBu/- 2 dBu

Speaker level 20 V eff./ 10 V eff.

5 years
Datasheet (PDF)

SUB 40 A White

Order No.: 1320-0003

RAL 9016

SUB 40 A Black
Order No.: 1320-0004
RAL 9005
Other colours and versions on request